Happily Ever Afters Volume 3


Sebba & Amhi were adopted & went to their new home yesterday. Here is an update from their family:


They’re doing well! They ate together & zero issues. She stood there eating with her tail tucked, but not a sound. We will definitely be investing in a slow feed bowl for him! I don’t think he even tasted it! Amhi is great about letting us know when she needs out so far! She goes to the porch door & paces in small circles. She loves to explore the whole acreage. They saw the horse, but haven’t officially met yet. Sebbe wanted to bark @ him, which only made him flick his ears. Amhi is super in love with Lain. So much so she cuddled up with his socks on the couch. I got on him about something & she got right in the middle of us. Didn’t make a sound, but was very concerned I was hurting him. I’m going to have him sleep with a couple of his old baby blankets and put in her crate, etc. Sebbe has marked Kevin’s chair twice. Luckily he just got the sheet on it & not the chair itself. Ha! So, the squirt bottle is now filled. As long as the weather is good, our plan is to work on the pen fence tomorrow to get it up to snuff. We’ve gone for a couple good hikes. I did get some coconut oil on him & it seems to have helped the itching.

Here’s a couple pictures from this afternoon.

Thanks so much! Thinking they’ll be a perfect fit for our family!

These are pictures I took when I dropped them off. I couldn’t get hers on here but they look similar to the ones their adopting mom sent.


This update from Kaiser’s family. What a great way to start your day! We hope more of you are able to begin your day like this. I woke up to this 💕