Happily Ever Afters Volume 1


Here is an update & pictures from Eska’s family. He & Teeko (Loki) came here together with birthdays about 10 days apart.

Hi Marla,
That’s so great to hear the Teeko is doing well, it would be great if Eska & he could see each other again some day!

Eska is doing great! He has finished dog training, but is a work in progress; he has become much more confident, and in his confidence we notice he tries to communicate play by being a little mouthy at times. We are working on this with him and he seems to understand more & more everyday, he keeps our older dog Bruiser on his toes and has brought out the spunk and youth in our 11 year old. Eska is such a smart, beautiful boy; although mouthy at times, he seems to understand the need to be gentle as well and loves mama cuddles.

While still a little timid around new people, mostly men, he warms up very quickly; this coming from a dog who wouldn’t let anyone near him for the first month or so, and “chase the dog” became a fun game for him, he has come a long way! Eska now knows the command, “sit”, “lay”, “come” (not that he always listens to it), “give me your collar” (which helps him prepare for us to put his leash on), “nice”, “bring it here”, “drop”, “kennel” & a few others. He loves to play fetch in the morning and seems to have developed a daily routine for telling us when he needs to go out, play times and feeding. If you remember, our older dog was on a routine, so I credit him with helping train Eska.

He is very loving but also mischievous, which isn’t bad, it brings lots of laughter into our busy household. He can be a bit stubborn, refusing to move and at times demanding to be carried to bed, tongue hanging slightly out with a smirk on his face.

I love that he’s kind of a Mama’s boy!

He loves to collect things and can be a bit of a hoarder in his kennel, we always know where to look for missing things……he can be kind of a thief, mostly when his humans are folding laundry (and you catch him slowly & gently running off with a sock or someone’s underwear lol, or when he feels like running off with something of the boys’ just to get their attention. It’s been such a joy to watch Eska grow and evolve! He has alot of personality and isn’t afraid to show it or talk back and often sticks his tongue out at us, as you’ll see in the pictures. 🙂

When we got Eska he was mostly black & white with a little brown, as he’s growing he has started to grow a grayish coat and it seems mink like. Although we haven’t gotten much snow yet, he seems to love it, but the neck fluff seems to double daily, often resulting in weekly collar loosening.

We will send more pictures of him when we get more snow and he has the opportunity to play more with it.

We love him so much and couldn’t imagine life without Eska in it! He has truly been a blessing and we are so thankful to be his forever home!!

We hope to see you again soon, I will keep you updated on Eska. Please see the attachment for the photos. I hope you are doing well!

Last February, this handsome young man was adopted. His “mom & dad” not only made him part of their family, but also part of their wedding. And they all lived happily ever after…

Here is an update from Mavra’s (n/k/a Xara) family

This is Xaras’ AKC STAR Puppy class on graduation night. Next up, Canine Good Citizen! So proud of our baby girl!
Thank you! We adore her and you deserve to know how she has grown and added to our lives. Without you, your volunteers and the sweat and tears (good ones and bad) we would not have her! She is such a blessing and fills my heart every day. I’m so excited and blessed to have such a beautiful dog that loves life!! She knows how to do every trick that I usually teach my dogs. We are in the beginning stages but she is my little genius:-)

Here is an update from Nisku’s (before we got him, he was known as Malik) family:
Hi Marla! Shannon here wanting to provide an update on Nisku. He is settling in beautifully and we could not be more happy. It is like he and Kaia have been friends forever, and he is warming up to Graham more and more every day, as well as other humans as he realizes we are all friends. He also is getting the hang of playing with and without toys and it is the sweetest thing watching him discover all these new things he can do to have fun. As time progresses with walks and visits to the park he is becoming more and more graceful both running and jumping. 💜
Graham, Shannon, Kaia and Nisku


Here’s an update from Kobie n/k/a Sterling’s family:

Hi Marla!

Really wanted to give a quick update on Kobie (or now Sterling as we’re working on renaming him), he’s doing better than we could have imagined! He’s great on walks, really enjoys playing with Juno, and is super friendly with everyone he’s met so far. He’s extremely well behaved, which is fantastic. One thing I’ve found kinda funny is how like clockwork come 5:00 he’s at the front door and ready to go on his walk! He’s really enjoying the bones we went and got as well. I know it’s super early for an update but he’s just such a good boy we had to let you know.

Here’s some pictures we’ve got of him/Juno!


Someone is “well loved”. Yes, this is little Koya getting her own box of toys in the mail. This is her favorite one!

Here’s an update from Yoshi’s (n/k/a Ice) family:

Good morning Marla,
Yoshi is doing amazing!! We’ve decided to name him Ice, for his Ice blue eyes, very ‘chill’ personality, and with our last name being (similar to Ice), it’s fitting 😁 we are so in love with him! He is the most well behaved dog! We feel SOOO lucky to have found him!!!

He is definitely and outdoor dog, so we spent a lot of time outside this weekend. We got him a cable leash and tied it around our front porch pillar so he was able to roam around the front yard, people watch and sunbath. When he wasn’t outside, he spent time exploring our house and watching TV with us in his new bed in the living room. At night we moved his bed to our bedroom floor and he slept pretty well.

The one thing that has been difficult for him is his respiratory infection. He’s having a tough time breathing with his stuffed up nose, especially at night, and has been coughing and sneezing a lot. The first night was filled with a lot of green snot, and today it wasn’t as colorful (sorry for the visual) so we’re hoping the antibiotics are starting to kick in.

He’s been eating his food really well and drinking tons of water! He eats everything in his bowl within minutes. 😊

Over the weekend when we had to leave the house for a couple of hours, we kept him blocked off in our dining room, and he did really well with that. We left his crate open for him to lay in with some toys and blankets in the room. We did the same thing this morning and we’re hoping we can continue to block off sections of the house for him throughout the day, rather than crating him.

Hope all is well for you. We are so happy with Ice and are so grateful to have him! 💙


This is Neo. He was adopted from us almost 2 years ago. He was a very sick, unhealthy boy, but look at him now!
His adopted dad is making & selling these handsome food & water bowl stands. Below is the main site. If you have adopted a dog from Homeward Bownd, you will receive $5.00 off this stand
If you have any questions, please let us know

Here is an update from Clyde’s family:
Clyde is doing well. Good with all animals. Only problem we have had lately is he has learned how to open and get in the house…but does not close the door. First time this happened we let the horses loose to run up to the pasture behind the house. Clyde got scared and ran fast up to the house. When I got up to the house he had let himself in and was watching out the living room window. Lately he has got into letting himself in more often. 3 times this week. I will let him out while I work on the yard. He gets hot and lets himself back into the air conditioned house. He is still very bonded to me and is usually in whatever room I am in.


Lately Atty likes to sleep on me while I work on a project. It melts my heart that he’s so comfortable now.


An update from Chako’s family. He was getting ready for a boat ride. How exciting, especially since he is part Lab. I am guessing he is going to love it.


Here is an update from Kaila’s family:
Hi there!
Not sure if you remember me! I adopted Kaila in October of 2014. She is living the dream these days. We bought a home and has a big yard, wooded areas to run, and is certified in EMS and goes to my work with me! I work with trauma kids. She is still the BEST decision I ever made!


Here’s an update from Loki’s, f/k/a Akati, momma:

I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I love Loki and how much he loves his house and that he goes everywhere with me. And thank you for rescuing him and me.


We got this very sweet update from Geamma’s family:
We have two orphaned lambs that we had to bring in the house and Gaemma has decided they belong to her. She licks them constantly and lays outside the bathroom where we keep them, guarding the door.


Sasha, n/k/a Sassie has a new home! Shiloh was adopted from us in February. His family decided he needed a playmate. They took in Sasha. This is what they said when we asked how things were going: she has bonded with Shiloh and won’t leave his side. They both play with each other. We are so happy they will grow old together. They are both about 6-7 years old.


Here’s an update from Tikanni’s family:
Hi Marla,
Tikanni is adjusting very well to life at our house! She has made friends with the cat and absolutely loves the baby. She likes all the attention she gets at the school too. Here are a few pictures of her I took today.

Here is one from Tikanni from a couple of days ago.

Tikanni is adjusting pretty well to life with us and the school. As you know the school, kids, most of the teachers, and all of the animals are moving to Texas here in a week or so. Tikanni really loves spending time with all the kids and loves the attention she gets from each one of them. She is slowly making friends with our cat but loves to run and play and go on pack walks with the other dogs on campus! I will send an update when we get settled in our new home!

P.S. you have permission to share the above and the picture below in the Facebook group. Thank you for all you have done with the school. The dogs you provided us really helped the kids and we are greatful for your kind heart!


We got an update from a couple of our girls this past weekend. Here is one. Does anyone recognize this pretty, little girl (not Frankie-haha)? This is Meela, n/k/a Rukia. She is doing great, gained some weight & is very happy living with her pack which includes 5 other dogs. So happy for you, Roo!


Here is an update from Suki & Kino’s family:
We are so happy to have the pleasure of these two in our lives. My boyfriend just lost his mother. Suki has been a comfort to him. Kino has come out of his shell he is a happy boy. I enjoy walking them. They have tons of toys. Which they fight over all the time. It’s wonderful to have someone waiting for you when you get home. Some how yes we all fit in the bed.