Kyr’s recovery

This is what’s been happening over the past week. Kyr had surgery on 1/9/13 (last Wednesday). He has been recovering nicely. I was worried he would be stressed after reports from his other ACL surgery, but he proved me wrong. He was really good while on his pain meds. But then they kept him a little groggy. He took his last pain pills yesterday (Monday) morning. Since then, he has been a little more rambunctious, which is fine. That tells me he is feeling good. He has been using his leg slightly when he goes out to potty, not really putting any weight on it, but just testing it…stretching it. He is still confined to his 5’X5′ kennel for another week. He gets the sutures out Thursday, January 24th. I will try to update you weekly on his progress. To help pay for Kyr’s surgery, we are selling sweatshirts and t-shirts. Any cash donations are also greatly appreciated. You can order a shirt by emailing or calling us. Cash donations can be mailed to us.ImageImageImage


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