Meet Kyr!


This is Kyr and this is his story:
Melissa adopted Kyr, a husky puppy and 3 weeks later adopted Koyuk, another husky puppy. The 2 were to be her companions in her home. She soon realized 2 young husky puppies have a lot of energy and love to play outside. She decided to keep them in the garage that opened to a fenced yard. But being energetic husky puppies, they soon were digging under the fence into the neighbor’s (Chris) yard. He liked them and didn’t mind. Over time and because of escapes, Melissa and Chris met and married. Soon the young family consisted of a small child and 2 large dogs as the puppies grew to 100lbs and 75lbs. Last year Kyr tore his ACL. The family decided on surgery, which as any of us who had to go through it, is an expensive procedure. This year Kyr tore the other ACL. During the year, the family had grown to 2 small children and still 2 large dogs, only now a large dog again facing a very expensive surgery for the family. The family could not afford the expensive surgery again and with heavy hearts decided to have Kyr put to sleep. They couldn’t bear for him to be in pain for the rest of his life. Fortunately, 2 days before his date, the couple’s brother in law contacted Homeward Bownd with their dilemma. Homeward Bownd is a small Rescue with a lot of big hearts. It was decided to take on this dog and his surgery as he was not quite 4 years old. Melissa and Chris decided Kyr’s recovery would be easier for him if Koyuk was with him, so they relinquished both dogs to Homeward Bownd.
Kyr had his surgery on January 9, 2013.


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